Automatic Door vs. Revolving Door Dilemma: Make the Right Choice for Your Business

Automatic Door vs. Revolving Door Dilemma: Assess Looks and Costs

One of the toughest decisions a business face is the automatic door vs. revolving door dilemma. Now let’s see how both doors perform when considering aesthetics, energy efficiency, space, and traffic flow. Let’s close the door to this dilemma. Learn more about it below. Automatic Door vs. Revolving Door Dilemma: A Tough Business Decision Which […]

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Follow These Steps to Install Commercial Steel Door Frames

Install Commercial Steel Door Frames

Commercial Steel Door Frames Commercial steel doors provide more security for your business than wood doors. As you know, commercial steel doors as any steel doors come with a frame that is also made of steel. The metal is thick and difficult to drill through. Welcome back to our blog section! Today we’ll explain to […]

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Know When Your Commercial Doors Need Repairs or Replacements

This Means Your Commercial Doors Need Repairs or Replacements

You Have To Pay Attention to Your Commercial Doors Now Opposed to residential doors, commercial doors are way more massive and usually come with more mechanical functioning. There are many factors in your commercial doors that will begin to show when it is time for a repair. Welcome again to our blog section; today our experts will discuss […]

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Impress Your Customers with a New Commercial Front Door Now

Choose the Right Commercial Front Door for Your Business

Find the Right Front Door to Your Business If you are thinking about renovating your business buildings, and then you have to be careful about your front door. It is because the front doors are primarily the business security, and is the first thing that people see from outside. So, you must take into consideration […]

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How to Choose Your Heavy Duty Commercial Door Closer

Things to Consider When Buying Your Commercial Door Closer

Aspects to consider for your heavy duty commercial door closer There’s  nothing better than finding the right elements to complement your building structures. Then, as a business owner, you probably want to have the best options for everything. Then, regarding doors, we are here to help for your heavy duty commercial door closer. What to […]

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Stop Your Hollow Metal Door Frame Installation in Masonry

Learn the Technical Specifications for Hollow Metal Door Frame Installation

Are you in the middle of a remodeling or construction project? Thinking about a hollow metal  door frame installation? Asking if you can install your door frame in existing masonry? Throw all your doubts away and consult one of our expert agents. Since the first instant, you will notice that The Chicago Door People is offering the right solution for […]

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Never Try a DIY for a Revolving Door Repair: Reasons Why

This Is Why You Should Never Try a DIY for a Revolving Door Repair

Top reasons why I stink at following DIY guides for revolving door repair Nahh … I accept that I have two left hands and two left foots to follow most DIY guides on the internet correctly. Yet, this is not the main reason to completely avoid this practice for a revolving door repair or any other home project. […]

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Why Do I Need a Revolving Door Repair in Chicago?

Why Do I Need a Revolving Door Repair?

Oh No! Do I really need a revolving door repair? The Chicago Door People has been making an effort to provide our community and the general public with valuable information regarding door repairs in Chicago. Today, we want to make an emphasis on getting a revolving door repair service. Are revolving doors still a thing? In the United […]

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Reasons why you need some storm door repair at home

This Means You Need Storm Door Repair

Hard weather conditions are damaging your exterior doors. Also, the strong winds appear to enjoy the idea of scratching the surface of your doors by launching branches, small rocks, and other materials. Perhaps, the best solutions for you is to install a storm door at home. Yet, if you already have one, the following reasons […]

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Planning your new exterior door frame replacement?

Make Sure Your Exterior Door Frame Replacement Is a Success by Following These Steps

Do you think that you need an exterior door frame replacement? Then the following information is for you! During this post, we will be discussing some easy steps for you door frame replacement. Step-by-step guide Perhaps, you have been noticing how your exterior door frame has suffered. It has been starting to rot or the damages are […]

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