The Ultimate Guide on the Different Types of Weather Stripping for Doors

Different Types of Weather Stripping for Doors

With the holiday season coming soon, more and more businesses are looking for ways to keep their clients warm and safe inside their stores. And what a better way to do so than by weatherstripping their doors. After all, weatherstripping is a much cheaper option than replacing all of your store’s doors.

The goal of weatherstripping is simple: to keep snow and rain out while at the same time not letting any interior air escape. The result: a sealed door that cuts down your energy costs!

Today, we will show you the different types there are of weather stripping for doors, going over the material, its best uses, and more. So keep reading to find out!

Find Out the Various Types of Weather Stripping for Doors

Felt Weather Stripping for Doors

Resistance and Affordability for Your Doors with Felt Gasketing

Among the most common types of weather stripping for doors out there, you can find felt gasketing in stores in rolls. This type of weatherstripping is either made out of cotton, polyester, or wool and has a metal strip for reinforcement.

When applying this felt gasketing, you can use glue, staples, or tacks. Many people use felt around their windows and doors, more specifically in the door’s jamb. It usually lasts between one or two years.

The best thing about felt weatherstripping is that it is incredibly inexpensive and available for everyone. Not only that but also it requires no science to install it.

Count on Under Pressure Doors with Tension Strips

Tensions strips (a.k.a. V strips) are plastic seals that are usually self-stick. Having a V strip helps create a protective seal that blocks air drafts. This means that neither air will be coming in nor air will be coming out.

This type of gasketing is installed on the top and sides of doors and windows. You can install it quickly, just cutting the length you need with scissors. Because of its self-stick feature, you’ll need nothing else to fix it.

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