8 Different Types of Wooden Doors for Your Business

Types of Wooden Doors

Got in mind changing your business’s front door with a wooden door, but don’t know for which type to opt for? Learn which are the different types of wooden doors for commercial use and which one is the right fit for your firm!

Solid wood doors are well-known due to their beauty and elegance. Not only that, but they also bring lots of functional perks to firms as well. That’s why you can be sure that you can never go wrong with a wooden door installation for your business.

Why Should Businesses Have Wood Doors? Top 6 Benefits of Wooden Doors

Wooden Dor Installation Benefits

Choosing the right door for your business can be a tough feat for many proprietors. Entrepreneurs must take into consideration lots of factors before making a decision, from setting up a budget to taking into account the door’s lifespan.

Business owners can choose from various types of doors. Among these options, we have wooden doors. Believe it or not, a solid core wood door can grant your store the makeover you’ve been looking for!

Of course, a lot of people might imagine that most of the wood’s benefits revolve around its beauty. But wait, there’s more than what just meets the eye!

Here are some of the advantages wooden doors bring to businesses:

  • Wooden doors act as a good insulator.
  • They provide an elegant, traditional look.
  • Wood doors are rust-free.
  • These can last you a lifetime.
  • They are affordable and low-maintenance.
  • Wooden doors are incredibly versatile.

Wooden Doors Act as a Good Insulator

To start, wooden doors are usually not affected by the temperature because of their natural composition. They are the real masters in keeping the ideal temperature in your room or office.

Wood has a high R-value, so wooden doors are little affected by temperature changes. It’s a bad conductor of heat, which makes it one of the best insulators available in the market.

Additionally, a wooden door can have a finish that makes it much more even resistant to temperatures, sunlight, and different types of weather. That being said, only a few materials can beat the outstanding insulation properties of wood.

For instance, a wooden door will keep your room or office fresh during summer afternoons, repelling the outside heat.

Also, these doors can keep your room or office warm during cold winters by not letting the warm air of your room escape. So, no matter the weather, wooden doors are great at keeping the temperature stable.

Because of the insulation wood doors provide, you can drastically reduce your energy bills. This can help you out save big bucks for many years to come.

Not only will wood doors regulate temperature, but they’ll also keep out most sounds as compared to other materials. Lastly, wood is not a conductor of electricity, boosting your store’s security in case of a short circuit.

They Provide an Elegant, Traditional Look

Wooden doors count on a very classical look. Because of its elegance and beauty, it can boost the value of any property. 

If you re looking for a door that stands out from others, this is definitely it. They have a style that doesn’t quite simply display with other door selections. They can make your store stand out from the competition.

Wood Doors Are Rust-Free

Truthfully, a firm’s front door can be the subject of much wear and tear. However, wooden doors are obviously rust free because of the material itself. Besides being rust-free, they withstand rain, wind, and more. Truly, all you need to do is stain them and finish them every so often.

These Can Last You a Lifetime

As mentioned before, wooden doors are durable. Therefore, the life expectancy of good wooden doors, if properly maintained, is very high; they can last for a lifetime.

They Are Affordable and Low-Maintenance

In the case of wooden frames and doors itself, it is much cheaper to maintain it because the process in comparison to aluminum or metal doors is much easier.

Wooden Doors Are Extremely Versatile

Wooden doors can be more easily modified in comparison to other materials. In fact, you can change the position and even the shape as long as the measurement is the correct one.

Additionally, wood can be painted in any color. Wooden doors have no color limits. That’s a feature that you won’t get with other door materials.

8 Types of Wooden Doors You Should Consider for Your Business

Now that you know how wooden doors can bring your business a complete change, you need to know which are the types of wood doors you should contemplate.

When it comes to the different types of wooden doors, you should consider the following styles:

  • Battened and ledged doors
  • Wooden dutch doors
  • Bifold doors style
  • Wooden French doors as exterior doors
  • Panelled doors 
  • Laminated core flush doors
  • Hollow-core doors as interior doors
  • Wooden louvered doors

Let’s go over each of these designs:

Battened and Ledged Doors

Battened and Ledged Doors

Being among the most traditional door designs, battened and ledged doors are the basic styles people use for sheds. However, you’d be surprised at how this door style can suit commercial usage as well!

Battened and ledged doors consist of three vertical ledges and two diagonal braces. Additionally, this door style uses 20 mm wooden boards and 150 mm battens. This design allows it to have stability, making it an excellent option for external doors and narrow openings. 

Wooden Dutch Doors

Wooden Dutch DoorsYou probably know Dutch doors as the go-to option for stables. It’s style counts on a split look, offering users to only open the top half without unlatching the bottom half. You can say that the top part of the door can act as a window. Because of its split style, these doors need four hinges instead of the standard three other door types offer.

Originally, this door type was meant to keep any animals out while at the same time enjoying the benefits of an open door. 

Dutch doors grant users a clear outside view. For this reason, they can work great if you have a small office with a designated person to make copies. Using the top part as a window, employees can pass on documents without the need to open the door.

Needless to say, if you’re a horse stable owner, this style can surely benefit as well.

Bifold Doors Style

Bifold Doors Style for HotelsWooden bifold doors are a great option when looking for a way to incorporate an adjustable wall without all the hassle of building one. You can opt for a full wooden bifold door, or a more transparent one using glass for the door itself and wood for the door’s frames.

Bifold doors work great for the hotel industry and even restaurants, believe it or not. They’re perfect for any rooms that count on spacious balconies or lobbies that extend to outer decks.

Wooden French Doors as Exterior Doors

Wooden French Doors as Exterior DoorsWhen having the right team of professionals handling your wooden door installation, you can certainly have a French door style acting as your store’s front door! They can bring in plenty of exterior light outside, making your store look brighter and livelier.

Additionally, French doors grant your business a warm look that’ll make anyone feel welcome.

Panelled Doors

Commercial Wood Panelled DoorsAlong with the battened and ledged door style, panelled doors are among the classic designs for wooden doors. This style can have a model that can resemble one or more panels grooved on it. 

The great thing about paneled doors is that they can work for all types of environments. If you have a narrow opening such as for passage doors, you can have a single leaf panel one. For wider cases, you can use a double leaf design instead. 

Laminated Core Flush Doors

Laminated Core Flush DoorsWhen looking for a wooden door that’ll withstand tear and wear without a problem, you can never go wrong with laminated core flush doors. Using fine-grain patterns of wood veneer, these doors work well for both exterior and interior usage.

Solid-core doors provide a premium option to business owners by granting them a door that brings all the benefits a wooden door has, without bringing the drawbacks. 

One of the greatest pros this door has is the fact that it’s one of the most fire-resistant options out there. Additionally, they are much affordable compared to solid wood doors. Lastly, this style resists quite well humidity changes, so there’s no need to worry about the door expanding or contracting.

Hollow-Core Doors as Interior Doors

Hollow-Core Doors as Interior DoorsHollow-core doors are the standard option for interior doors within businesses. They count on a honeycombed cardboard core with a thin layer of wood around it. They are among the most affordable styles if you ever find yourself short on budget. 

Hollow-core doors are incredibly light, not to mention that they are also easy to install as well. You can use this style for bathrooms.

Wooden Louvered Doors

Wooden Louvered Doors for RestroomsLastly, we have louvered doors as one of the types of wooden doors. This door style offers excellent ventilation as well as providing privacy at the same time. 

Most businesses opt for a wooden door that’s partially louvered. Along with hollow-core doors, companies use louvered doors for restrooms. 

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