The Most Used Door Materials

The Most Used Door Materials

There is a wide variety of door materials of where to choose from, when choosing a door material there are also many factors that you should take under consideration.  One of the most important factors is what you are looking for in a door; security, elegance, energy efficiency or just a division space from one room to the next.  All doors can receive services of door repair and replacement in Chicago IL so don’t choose based on maintenance, repair, or replacement factors.

Wooden– They are mostly seen in interior spaces and it has that elegant and luxury touches that home owners are usually aiming for.  The prices vary according to the wood type that you choose and a wooden door is considered to be safe when it comes to burglar issues.  A wooden door, like any other material requires maintenance; a wooden door with the proper maintenance can last a life time. Some wood doors, depending on the wood type, can also take sun light without damaging but it does require special maintenance every now and then for it to maintain in good shape.  You can always use door repair and replacement in Chicago IL when it comes to a wood door.

Hollow Metal– This door type are mostly seen in commercial and industrial properties like schools, hospital, clinics, factories, and in some cases in offices. It is not the usual residential door type; most home owners don’t use this type of doors because it is not a home designed kind of door.  They are considered to be very durable, which is why is often seen and warehouses and factories; they can take a hit.  They are usually not too affected by the weather, they are ideal for external use but as any material in this world they too require certain maintenance every now and then.  They can also be services with door repair and replacement in Chicago IL.

Please stay tuned for our next article, we will be talking about other materials like fiberglass, laminate and stainless steel doors.  Remember, The Chicago Door People offers cost-effective solutions for door repair and replacement in Chicago IL.  To learn the history behind revolving doors check out our blog, you can learn how revolving doors benefit a building in many ways.

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