Pros and Cons of Steel Commercial Doors

Pros and Cons of Steel Commercial Doors

On the last article on our blog, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of wooden doors. We also talked on a different article about the advantages of installing a fiberglass door.  It is always good to take all pros and cons under consideration when installing new doors. Make sure that there are available services of door repair and replacement in Chicago, IL for that specific material.


  • Energy Efficiency: Steel commercial doors are considered to be one of the most energy efficient materials in the door industry.
  • Maintenance: Steel doors are almost maintenance free. Unlike wooden doors, they don’t require that much care. This will help you in maintenance cost in the long term; they require much less maintenance than other materials.
  • Colors: They can be painted any color you would like.
  • Weather Resistant: Unlike wood, steel doors are not affected by the cold or the warmness in the weather. They do not rot if too much rain gets on them. Just make sure to have great quality paint on them and they could last forever (with the right maintenance).
  • Security: Steel doors are considered to be the best material for security. It is very hard, almost impossible, to break through it.
  • Styles: You can also choose various styles that the market has to offer.


  • They can rust if not properly painted.
  • They can be dented, leading that to rust.
  • They can be scratched, which can also lead to rust.
  • They are not considered to be elegant; in comparison to wood, they are far from being classy and elegant.
  • They are not easy to install. Wooden doors can be considered to be a do it yourself job when it comes to installation (although not recommended). Steel doors are much harder to install and they require certain tools and skills in order to do it correctly.

In order to get the best result out of any door installation you should call experienced specialists. These type of doors need to be handled by professionals with the right tools.  Contact our team today if you have any questions or to learn more about this topic.  If you are looking for services of door repair and replacement in Chicago, IL you can contact us any time. Stay tuned for more interesting articles coming up this month.

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