Learn the Technical Specifications for Hollow Metal Door Frame Installation

Stop Your Hollow Metal Door Frame Installation in Masonry

Are you in the middle of a remodeling or construction project? Thinking about a hollow metal  door frame installation? Asking if you can install your door frame in existing masonry?

Throw all your doubts away and consult one of our expert agents. Since the first instant, you will notice that The Chicago Door People is offering the right solution for you.

In this post, we want to introduce a small portion of the struggle of working with hollow metal door frame installation in masonry. Thus, you can have an idea why hiring an expert is a great idea after all.

What to know about hollow metal door frame in masonry?

There are many technical specifications for the installation of a hollow metal door frame. Therefore, check some of the most common observations.

  • Flooring systems
  • Proper hardware reinforcement installed in the frame
  • Correct size
  • Correct use of mortar

Flooring system

You may be thinking why the floor installation is important. Thus, there are several technical implications of working with specific floor materials.

For example, wire anchors have a variety of sizes to work in existing masonry. A 4-1/2” hinge is very common. But, for wood and tile, a ¾” thick anchor is ok.

It’s important to mention that the hollow metal door frame installation is prior to the floor system. On the other hand, you won’t know the right flooring specifications, and you will miscalculate technical procedures.

As a consequence, your door may not drag, or it will have a large gap once installed.

Reminding the importance of knowing the flooring system before the hollow metal door frame  installation, the best option is to hire a professional.

The main reason is that some metal frames are not adjustable to the thick of the floor. In this sense, you will have several problems determining the right course to action.

Also, you have to play with the mortar and concrete. Thus, an expert opinion is a wise choice.

In The Chicago Door People, we love to provide excellent services to each of our clients.

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