Read this Guide for Replacing Interior Doors in Chicago IL

DIY: a Guide for Replacing Interior Doors in Chicago IL

Are you planning to start by yourself a remodeling project within your house? Today, we invite you to take a look to our DIY guideline for replacing interior doors in Chicago IL. Don’t hesitate to visit our blog for more information on several types of topics.

Step-by-step to replace your interior doors

Before starting with your enterprise, there are some key points to consider. The first one is to see why you need a door replacement. Moreover, take a look to the frame and blank door. If the damage is on the frame, you need to purchase the frame and door. However, if the damage is only on the blank door, this is the only item you need to buy.

Another important point is the direction of the swing. Be careful while measuring the movement of the door and the position of the doorknob and hinges.

Remove the old hinges

A good tip is to buy hinges with a similar size than the old ones.

Measuring the door

At the moment to purchase your new door, you need to make sure that you know the right size of the old door. In this sense, you don’t get a smaller or taller door than expected. Also, put together the new and old door to see if there is any excess that need to be trimmed.

Install the hinge in your new door

First, mark the place in which you need to locate your new hinges. You can check the distance by measuring the old door. Also, mark the depth of the mortises. Another mark that you need is the lockset. As you bought a blank door, you need to locate the lockset as it was on the old door.

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