Learn About the Disadvantages of Wood Doors Here

Disadvantages of Wood Doors

Before deciding on buying a commercial door, it is also very important to know about the disadvantages of wood doors. That way, you can know if this door style is the best fit for your business. 

Which Are the Main Disadvantages of Wood Doors?

While there are many types of wooden doors you can opt for your business, proprietors must consider the possible drawbacks these doors can bring. That way, they can be sure to choose the right door for their hardscape.

For this reason, here are 4 disadvantages of wood doors you should keep in mind:

  • Wooden doors can rot since they absorb water
  • They require extra maintenance
  • Quality timber and hardwood doors are expensive
  • Wood doors suffer from termite exposure

Wooden Doors Can Rot Since They Absorb Water

Since wood absorbs moisture, this causes the wood to rot. That’s why you must use maintenance services and paint the doors with water-resistant varnish in order to avoid this problem. 

Wooden doors can last for many years. However, they must be submitted to periodic maintenance. The coating is a must if you want to guarantee there isn’t any swelling, shrinking, or cracking of the material. Finishing wooden doors can help it look revitalized as well. 

It’s normal for outside wooden doors to decompose and acquire molds if they aren’t coated properly. In some cases, even if you make sure to apply the varnish or paint, humidity may affect the work and bubbles may form on the surfaces. 

Not only can wooden doors rot if they are not coated correctly, but they can also sag or stick as well. This can make your door difficult to use, not to mention that it can damage your floor too. 

Wood Doors Require Extra Maintenance

Wood Doors Require Extra Maintenance

In order to keep wood at its best condition, it needs regular maintenance. Although most, if not all, building materials need maintenance every now and then, you should keep in mind maintenance if you want your wooden door to look great at all times. By doing so, you’ll save yourself from any costly door repairs.

Just as we stated previously in this blog, maintenance also includes a coat of paint from time to time. After all, wood comes from a living organism. That’s why it is inevitable that, over the years, it begins to look old. With a painting job, you’ll bring back to life your wooden doors in a systematic way.

It is essential that you always keep your wooden door protected with a good coat of paint. High-quality paint can protect it from any climatic conditions that may affect it and also prolong its usefulness.

Additionally, when businesses count on low-quality wooden doors, they’ll need to be aware of any extreme climate conditions. The reason for this is because according to the type of weather your door might endure, if it doesn’t count on the right protection, then you’ll end up replacing it.

If for some reason you need help with repairing your door or need to change it, be sure to contact professional door repair services.

Quality Timber and Hardwood Doors Are Expensive

Quality Timber and Hardwood Doors

The cost of good quality timber and hardwood can be very expensive. If you want the premium door, then you will end up spending more money. Of course, by choosing a high-end door, you’ll be making a  long-term investment. After all, if you spend money on a good quality wooden door, then it will obviously last longer.

Wooden Doors Suffer from Termite Exposure

Wooden Doors Suffer from Termite Exposure

Any wooden door can represent exposure to termites, which means you will have to spend more money on new doors. You can avoid this issue with the right maintenance.

Termites are perhaps the worst enemy of wood. At the slightest sign of termites, you must act to eliminate them or you risk losing your entire door! These insects tend to damage wood that is untreated, which is why we have mentioned the importance of maintenance so that termites cannot drill holes and reproduce.

Wood is a delicate material and that is why you must be careful with termites and have everything in the best possible way, the best thing you can do is to paint your door, so you make sure to protect it from humidity and insects at the same time weather.

What’s the Best Wooden Door Alternative?

Although there are many disadvantages of wood doors, we can’t deny the fact that they are a stunning feature for any business. Luckily, there’s a great alternative that’ll grant you the fantastic look of a wooden door without all the drawbacks. These alternatives are a solid-core and hollow-core flush door.

Laminated flush doors are the best of both worlds. These doors count on excellent sound absorption features, as well as resistance against dust and heat. Moreover, their width must be more than 7.5 cm of stiles, bottom, and top rails. 

These doors are manufactured using timber wood as the frame as well as hardwood to grant it strength and longevity.

On the other hand, we have hollow-core flush doors. Just as their name implies, these doors are hollow inside, supported by a honeycomb structure on the inside. Hollow-core doors are incredibly light-weight. 

When you opt for a flush door for your business, you opt for affordability, durability, and elegance. These doors grant an aesthetically pleasing appearance to your business. Not only that, but they are also water-proof and eco-friendly as well. Lastly, they are easily accessible for any proprietor. 

Although wooden doors may seem like a hassle, they bring all sorts of benefits as well. From being rust-free to having multiple designs, these doors can grant many homeowners what they’re looking for. Also, unlike aluminum and composite doors, you can use wooden doors for both interior and exterior purposes.

Now that you know the main disadvantages of wood doors and their best alternatives, it’s time for you to choose the best door for your business. By counting on a flush door as your wooden alternative, be sure to count on an expert by your side. 

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