Commercial Door Repair vs. Replacement: What to Do

What to do? Commercial door repair vs. replacement

Although commercial door installation is not something that you do quite often, we should always be prepared for commercial door repair or replacement if necessary. Our team at The Chicago Door People is here to ensure you the facts and costs you should know about.

If you are familiar with our work you know that we work with different types of doors, frames and structures adaptable to your custom design. It is our duty to inform you on the alternatives and solutions that you might have available for your commercial door repair project.

Check out our latest post on revolving doors and how to replace them. But indeed that is the questions at hand, and our team has prepared this post to work on the repair vs replacement aspect of your commercial door.

Repairing metal door frames in some cases is practically non existing, as it is the case for aluminum door frames. If it is problems with corrosion, and it gets out of your hands, first we suggest the help of professionals and second to replace it entirely as corrosion is due to moisture trapped between the walls and the frame itself.

Although this can be painted aside, it can turn to be a recurrent problem if the leakage or source of moisture is not treated correctly. Once the integrity of the original structure of the metal frame is compromised by this type of agents it is better to simple replace it entirely.

Extend the life of your commercial doors with the best team in town looking after its installation.

What should I consider for commercial door repair?

  • The type of door that you have
  • What the original issue is regarding outdoor agents such as moisture
  • What the door frame is made of?
  • Inspection of your existing space

All in all whether you are having issues with your weather stripping, or overall hollow metal door frame our team is ready to take your call. Contact us today for more information about commercial door repair and replacement.

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