This Is Why Your Business Should Use a Hollow Metal Frame Door

Why your business should use a hollow metal frame door in Chicago IL

The demand for a hollow metal frame door in Chicago IL is increasing for commercial construction projects. Many people relate hollow metal doors with industrial complexes, but they can be found in almost every kind of office as well as in schools and government buildings. As any other door, hollow metal doors provide not only access to and from a building, but also safety.  Though a hollow metal frame door may not be your first option for your business, it might be the best choice since they offer an insuperable degree of versatility that we will see further.

hollow metal frame door is one of the best options for your exteriors since they can easily withstand heavy traffic of people and the test of the elements, which is important, especially during Chicago winter.  Also, while very solid and durable, hollow metal doors are not made of a single slab of steel. They usually consist of polystyrene or polyurethane cores that are later encased in steel covers during the manufacturing process. This allows that your hollow metal frame door is perfectly capable of enduring heavy traffic while being light enough to be easily manipulated by people.

One of the most important benefits of getting a hollow metal frame door in Chicago IL is that it can be suited to the measures of your establishment and your needs as a customer. The Chicago Door People, as a leading door manufacturer in the area, can create the perfect hollow metal frame door for your business. Our hollow doors are tailored with the right cutout and design to match any establishment and our various framing designs can also add a special touch to the exteriors of your commercial premises. If you would like to know more useful information for your doors such as the benefits of weather stripping, don’t hesitate and take a look at our blog.

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