Revolving doors; learn the history

Automatic doors: Advantages of Including them in Your Projects

Many people use revolving doors in Chicago IL and many other cities around the world; but do they know the purpose of revolving doors? Most people don’t.

Revolving doors consist of four doors (can also be three) that use a vertical axis to rotate in a circular motion. They are most commonly seen in downtown areas in buildings and skyscrapers.  Revolving doors were invented and created in Germany by H. Bockhacker in December of 1881 (date when he was granted a patent); an invention that will help in many ways with the energy efficiency of buildings around the world. We see a lot of revolving doors in Chicago IL.

The main purpose of this invention was to prevent strong drafts of wind from entering a building when a door was opened, this will inhibit the increases of power of HVAC systems due to the change of temperature caused by the weather when opening a regular door. Another reason of why people install it is for security measures, these are designed so that people enter a building one at a time.

Never Try a DIY for a Revolving Door Repair: Reasons Why


In 1942 in a known and crowded nightclub in Boston caught fire and many people we killed; the reason of why there were so many casualties it’s because the front entrance only had a single revolving door which made it impossible from everyone to quickly get out. In 1943, because of this incident, the Massachusetts state law made adjustments, this led to different variations in the design of revolving doors making them collapsible allowing people to exit on either side in case in case of emergencies.\

Good Shape

Revolving doors need maintenance every now and then, if not, its purpose can be jeopardized because air can infiltrate through the damaged seals of a door. Revolving doors in Chicago IL and other windy places NEED to be in their best conditions. Make sure that your revolving doors are always in its best state to make sure that they are working to fulfill their purpose; energy efficiency.

Revolving doors are perfect for office buildings.

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