Installing Revolving Doors: Increasing Your Business' Energy Efficiency

Whenever you think about energy efficiency the least thing that pops in your head is acquiring a revolving door for your building; but you have been misinformed about this fact! For this post we would like to bring to your notice how energy efficiency can be brought to your building with the proper installation of revolving doors in Chicago IL.

If you are in the hunt of the perfect commercial door to install in your store’s front, the installation for revolving doors in Chicago IL by The Chicago Door people might be just what you need. Our staff has been delivering for years superior door installation and commercial door installation in the entire areas surrounding Chicago.

On previous posts we’ve talked about how important it is to have the proper commercial replacement doors in Chicago, and how to find the best contractor in town. But for this post we would like to notice how important it is to have a contractor that tackles your door necessities with energy efficient solutions.

How are revolving doors in Chicago IL energy efficient?

They might not be a popular choice, and most of the time people are annoyed by revolving doors, but they do save energy! Consumption of air conditioning and interior cooling can be highly improved when using revolving doors.

Recent studies have proven that in a collaborative effort, when using revolving doors you could save up to 1.5 percent of the total energy needed to cool or maintain heat in a building annually. You can save up to 36 watt hours of energy, each time you use a revolving door inside your building.

Our staff is ready with the training necessary to provide you with efficient revolving door installation services in Chicago IL. Our main focus is to contribute to the community with alternatives that will save you money, and what better way to do so than with an alternative that also helps the environment.

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