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Repairing your Door Frame

Repairing your Door Frame

A broken door, particularly if it is a main entry door, can be a complete chaos. Difficulties concerning stabbing or trouble getting the door to hook correctly can make coming in and leaving the officea total mess! Now and then, the door frame is the criminal in these circumstances. In some cases, what you really need to do is merely readjust or if not modify the frame.

Although door frame repair is not constantly an easy task, sometimes, the fix is pretty simple. In order to fix a binding door, you have to install a shim under the top center. If the door hinge support is not perpendicular, shim under any hinge will cause the door edge to hang straight. Accumulation of paint can be the source of this issue, and it just needs to be cleaned out.

What happens when your door frame is old? If that’s your case, then putting in a shim might not be a goodmethod. Old wood door frames can change over time and cause the door to bind when you don't want it to by impeding latch function. In this situation, it might be a great decision to buy and install a new door frame instead of repairing the old one.