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Common Commercial Door Problems

Common Commercial Door Problems

Commercial doors are built to be strong and long lasting but regardless, they tend to get damaged from time to time. A good example of a commercial door and how it can get damaged is an automatic door. These doors sometimes have trouble opening and a manual door on the other hand, might simply break. It is important to know common commercial door problems and what you could do to repair them. Many companies that install the commercial door are willing and capable of repairing them; here is everything you need to know.

One of the most common commercial door problems that go on have to do with the commercial door hinges. Because many manual doors have pivots they tend to break- - pivots break when a commercial door is misused or the high winds that jerk the door open. A broken pivot is a serious problem since there are thousands of pivots to work with and making it difficult to find the one to replace your doors’. It is important to become mindful of this common commercial problem so you can avoid it at all costs

On another note, an automatic door will occasionally break- - this is the saddest but realest truth. A broken automatic door will cause your door to open and close automatically and when this happens you definitely need a technician on site so they can repair the problem.

Generally speaking, commercial doors are incredibly strong, durable, and secure and they will last for many years without any problems. But if you have a door with a couple of problems here and there, get a specialist from The Chicago Door People to help. Your door will be repaired quickly and efficiently when you hire our commercial door specialists.

Thre is no common commercial door problem that The Chicago Door People can’t tend to.