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How Often Does My Commercial Door Need Replacing?

How Often Does My Commercial Door Need Replacing?

As business owners, we want every area of our office to be presentable; from the desks, to the commercial doors matter to us, and hey we get it. Having the right commercial door may seem insignificant but in reality it can make for a huge difference. Many business owners have wondered, how often does my commercial door need replacing? And don’t worry; we have got your answer.

Generally speaking, a commercial door can last for many years; up to 10 years to be precise. Throughout those years though it is crucial for your commercial door to be maintained and taken care of adequately. If you don’t fail to take care of your door and give it the repairs whenever it is needed, your commercial door will undoubtedly expand its life span. Not every malfunction or damage to your commercial door automatically means it is time for a repair, so don’t get ahead of yourself. Call an inspector or commercial door professional and see what they’d advise. However, there are some signs that are evident your commercial doors need replacement and here are a couple of those signs:

  • It is difficult for the commercial door to close or open without getting stuck.
  • Every time you open or close the commercial door you can hear a squeak. This is usually indication of a misalignment.
  • Your commercial door is at often times shaky and unstable

If you have experienced any of these signs, you should get an expert to tend to your commercial door immediately.

So, commercial doors usually need to be replaced after their warranty has ended, which approximately is up to 10 years. If you give it the up keep during that time frame, your commercial door may last a lot longer and save you some money in the long run.