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Causes of Door Damage

Causes of Door Damage

Believe it or not, there are actually common causes of door damages. Though we see doors in our commercial buildings to be heavy and strong, damages sometimes are bound to happen one way or another.  Today we will go ahead and discuss what some of the causes of door damage are- if your commercial doors are experiencing any of the trouble we cover today; you can always depend on the professionals at The Chicago Door People for commercial door repairs.

Let’s see what the causes of door damage are.

Interior door frames are often used in commercial doors- these too should not be overlooked hen talking about damages. The good news is that the great majority of interior door frames have easy repairs and fixes.

Furthermore, when you have door jamb damages on your commercial door, the problem is within the boards that support the door jam. The cause of this door damage is because the door jamb has become split, chewed or even marred.

If the damage of your commercial door lies within the door trim, the problem is also rooted in the boards around the door jamb. Door trim damage happens when the jam is cracked or began to split.

The corner of your door can also get damaged if you frequently slam the commercial door.  As well, this can be caused by a bad or poor commercial door installation.

Another cause of door damage is often rotting. Rotting of commercial doors is common when there is a lot of moisture.

If your commercial doors are experiencing any trouble you know who to contact- The Chicago Door People of course!

For fast, reliable, and affordable commercial door repairs in the area, work with the professionals at The Chicago Door People. Call us today so we can get started on repairing your commercial door.