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Automatic VS Manual Commercial Door

Automatic VS Manual Commercial Door

It is not always the easiest task to determine what kind of door is the best door for your commercial building. When contemplating over automatic versus commercial doors, even safety has to be an element that you ought to take into consideration. There are many variables between an automatic and manual door, and if either of these door options go without maintenance one thing is for sure, and it is that they both can become dangerous. Let’s compare the pros of commercial automatic and manual doors and let’s see what door might be the best for your business.

Commercial Automatic Doors

Commercial automatic doors mean energy efficiency. Automatic doors will open and close when you need them to therefore you eliminate all stress of worrying about leaving a door accidentally open. No heat wil get out during cold days and no freshness will escape during summer. Not to mention ho a commercial automatic door also offers better security. Although at first a glass door may sound fragile, these doors actually provide amazing protection from hazards. You can also select additional security for an automatic door. Further on, an automatic door means easy access for your clients. An automatic door is useful for clients who just went shopping and their hands are full, or for clients carrying their belongings or children.

Commercial Manual Doors

Manual doors usually mean less maintenance. On another note, manual doors, unalike automatic doors, don’t need electricity to operate therefore you don’t ever have to worry about needing power to allow customer and clients to enter or exit the building. Furthermore, with a manual door you can install your own security system. A manual door allows for you to even customize locks. You also get more of a variety in styles and designs with a manual door than you would with an automatic door. You can personalize your businesses appearance with your door.

In all, both of these doors offer great advantages; which will you choose?