Automatic Door vs. Revolving Door Dilemma: Assess Looks and Costs

Automatic Door vs. Revolving Door Dilemma: Make the Right Choice for Your Business

One of the toughest decisions a business face is the automatic door vs. revolving door dilemma. Now let’s see how both doors perform when considering aesthetics, energy efficiency, space, and traffic flow. Let’s close the door to this dilemma. Learn more about it below.

Automatic Door vs. Revolving Door Dilemma: A Tough Business Decision

Which Enhances More Your Business Image?

The door is the first thing people see when entering your business. We are sure that you have heard of the saying that goes: “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.” And when it comes to business success, making an excellent first impression is vital.

So, once a customer stops in front of a business, he/she can formulate an opinion of the business reliability based on the façade looks.

Both automatic and revolving doors look great and create a great impression about your business. Thus, it’s hard to pick a favorite from the automatic door vs. revolving door dilemma.

So consider this point a tie.

Enhance Your Business Image with Automatic Doors

Which Is More Energy Efficient?

Automatic doors open once incoming customers or leaving clients triggers them. If there is no traffic, the doors will remain perfectly closed, sealing the air inside. Also, the hot air won’t be able to invade your business interior.

Even though automatic doors require energy, there is an excellent variety of door models with low-energy motors.

Now let’s talk about revolving doors. They do an excellent job reducing air infiltration.

The Higher the Usage Rate of Revolving Doors, the More Energy Efficient they Become

The more usage a revolving door gets, the more efficient it becomes.

Some MIT studies showed some interesting facts. When a revolving door was used at a rate of 68%, the total air leakage per day was worth $13.1. When the usage rate was 75% the average daily cost of energy due to air leakage was only $7.66. If the door was revolving the entire time — 100% usage rate, the total air leakage will cost only $2.83 per day.

So if there is high traffic, it’s better to have revolving doors. High traffic is defined as having more than two persons moving through an opening per minute.

We hope that you stay tuned since next time we’ll continue discussing the automatic door vs. revolving door dilemma.

Remember to keep your business image at its best, so you can attract new clients and retain current ones.

Since 1982, The Chicago Door People has installed the most aesthetically appealing automatic and revolving doors. Call us today so that you can work with the door experts in Chicago.

Used Space and Traffic Flow

The automatic door vs. revolving door dilemma lessens here since both are excellent options when it comes to space used and high traffic flow.

As we mentioned before, high traffic is when more than two persons move through an opening.

If you high traffic in your front door, you better have the right door to handle it.

There is no doubt that both automatic and revolving doors get the upper hand over swing doors at accommodating two-way traffic.

Revolving doors are perfect for office buildings.

Places like entertainment venues, public transportation stations, airports, educational facilities, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, retail stores, and office buildings benefit from automatic and revolving doors since they ease the funnel of people coming and going.

Both automatic and revolving doors require less space than a swing door to open. Besides that, these two types of doors have shown to be safer and more efficient than regular doors.

Which work better in Emergency Situations?

Well, when it comes to the automatic door vs. revolving door dilemma, this point is the tiebreaker.

Automatic doors are highly convenient in emergency situations. When needing to evacuate people safely and quickly, these doors can be set to hold open.

Also, automatic doors can automatically lock-in, preventing people from entering a risky zone.

When in an emergency situation, all wings of a revolving door collapse parallel to each other, creating two openings to allow people get out of the building.

Even though revolving doors are designed to handle evacuations, they don’t work as good as automatic doors.

For more than 36 years, we—The Chicago Door People—have installed the most modern, aesthetically appealing, and energy-efficient doors.

Sometimes is hard to make a decision when faced by the automatic door vs. revolving door dilemma. Even though, automatic doors won by one point, both automatic and revolving doors are great options for your business front door.

Give us a call today at (872) 206-3485. We’ll install the most modern, economical, safe, and beautiful front door in your business!

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